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    “The ‘N’ word and why we as a race of people must stop using it”

    This is being written today because I am completely disgusted and disappointed at the level of idiocy among many of our people; those who continually try to rationalize and justify the use of the ‘N’ word. There is no justifiable reason for our continued use of this degrading and despicable word; a word created by our mortal enemies used to degrade, de-humanize, terrorize, disrespect our Afrikan Ancestors and by extension—us. Therefore, I am providing all of the necessary facts to prove why we as a race of people, must stop using it—period. Please read my words and contemplate them carefully. We are the only race of people on this planet that uses a term created by our mortal enemies, that was created to classify us as ‘sub-human’ and denigrate us, and we foolishly try to somehow make it a positive term. You never see others foolishly call themselves derogatory terms; terms created by their mortal enemies to degrade them. You’ll never hear or see Jews call themselves such a derogatory term like, ‘Kike’, Or Japanese call themselves ‘Japs’ or ‘Slant eyes’, Or Chinese call themselves ‘Chinks’, Or Puerto Ricans call themselves ‘Spics’, or Mexicans call themselves ‘Wetbacks’, Or Arabs call themselves ‘Sand Niggas/Niggers’ or ‘Terrorists’. We are the only people who will try to rationalize the irrational use of this evil term. And try to make logical what is actually illogical. The only reason that Black people embrace such a negative term is that of the small sub-culture of ‘Hip Hop’ that was allowed to campaign the embracing of it, as Pop Culture, thru mainstream media. And to those who want to blame‘The Blaxploitation movies’ of the 1970’s for this madness that is a false narrative. ‘The Blaxploitation movies’ of the 1970’s never glamorized the ‘N’ word. It was always used in those movies as the negative term it has always been used as. In the era of the Black power movement of 1960’s and 1970’s we never used that term except as fighting words. We always referred to each other as ‘my brother’ or ‘my sister’. I know this because I lived and grew up in that era. You see, I was born in 1954and came of age during that turbulent time. That term was never used as ‘a term of endearment’. Anyone who says otherwise, either didn’t live in that era of the Black power movement, is misinformed, or they are lying or both.

    This glamorizing of the ‘N’ word into a ‘term of Endearment’ was started with the ‘Gangsta Rap’ group ‘NWA’ and other ‘Rappers’ in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The small-Hats (so-called Jews), such as Jerry Heller and others, who own and control the Record industry, which includes both the Record companies and the Record labels those companies spawn, as well own all mass media, use the Weaponized Military tactics of ‘Subliminal Seduction’ and ‘Propaganda’ on us, thru the use of Mass Media i.e. print, music, movies, television, television commercials, etc. to convince us its use is okay. It’s not okay now and it should never have been okay for us either. Many of you these caricatures they’ve created for us. Many have grown up idolizing these caricatures thru ‘Subliminal Seductive’brainwashing without realizing it. As a consequence, many of you who use that term now, who are now adults, have come to defend that which you d in your youth. How do you use this evil term, in one minute as a positive term and then in the next, use it as it was actually designed to be used? That is idiotic and makes no sense at all. How many of you have heard some brother say, ‘I’m gonna kill that ‘Nigga’? I’m sure many of you have heard it. This is what they generally say when they are going to kill a brother or sister. But you would never hear any of those who to use it, say, ‘I’m gonna kill that brother’ or ‘I’m gonna kill that sister’. Because that is illogical. And you know it is. So, I ask that you honestly look inside yourselves and ask yourselves is the use of this term really good for us, collectively as a race of people? And if so, how? These are hard questions, we must all examine and answer honestly and with integrity, not with any emotional for such use.

    And to those who dispute this, I ask, do you remember when ‘NWA’ and other ‘Rappers’ first released their music and how much opposition they received because of their use of it? If the ‘N’ word was already accepted as ‘a term of endearment’ prior to this time, there wouldn’t have been such a groundswell of opposition to them and their use of the ‘N’ word, by many of us, myself included. And there was a great amount of opposition from all quarters, to ‘NWA’ and other ‘Gangsta Rappers’ and their use of that term, at that time.

    For Black people, ‘Hip Hop’ is a small ‘sub-Culture’ that was allowed to negatively influence Black people as a Multitude, collectively. Thru their campaign and use of ‘Weaponized ‘Subliminal Seduction’ and ‘Propaganda’, they made Black people embrace this denigration and sub-human intent, making it popular, which is what it was designed to do. They just made it popular and more modern and they are still doing it. And there are many fools still advocating that madness. But we need to stop this madness. Instead of rationalizing its use, why not just stop using it. That is so much easier to do. We are better than this. When you know better you do better. It’s really that simple.

    Many of you claim to follow Marcus Garvey, to be ‘Garveyites’ and claim to be RBG. However, based on the ignorance I hear and see being spewed to support the use of such an evil term, that is highly questionable, at best. You see, Marcus Mosiah Garvey hated the use of the ‘N’ word and the UNIA said so in its

    “Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World”

    The Principles of the Universal Negro Improvement Association

    ***11. We deprecate the use of the term “nigger”, as applied to Negroes, and demand that the word “Negro” be written with a capital “N.”

    In using such a term, you dishonor Marcus Garvey, the UNIA, and our Afrikan Ancestors every time you use it.In fact, not one of our great Afrikan-Centered Scholars and Researchers has ever said he or she has discovered our use of the ‘N’ word in any ancient indigenous, Afrikan writings or indigenous Afrikan languages at all. Isn’t it interesting that not one of these Scholars and Researchers: Dr. Chancellor Williams, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. John G. Jackson, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Theophile Obenga, Dr. Jacob Carruthers, Dr. Charles Finch, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, Dr. Edward Scobie, Dr. Charsee McCintire, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Ashra Kwesi, Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti, Kush-‘The Black Unifier’ of Positive Kemetic Visions (PKV), Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Bobby Wright, Dr. Kamau Kambon, Neely Fuller, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and so many others has ever seen it written in any of our indigenous Afrikan languages or written on any Temple Walls or Tombs, etc. in Afrika? Even our younger serious linguistic scholars and writers, such as Ifatunde Fayemi, Blak Pantha, Asar Imhotep, Seshew Maa Ny Medew Netcher, The Irritated Genie of Soufeese, and others have not seen it written anywhere in our indigenous Afrikan languages either. Nor have any of them even mentioned it being written anywhere. None of these writers has even mentioned its use in any lectures they have given. Here is what the late, great, Dr. Welsing, our great Afrikan-Centered Psychiatrist had to say on the topic. She said:

    “Any and all use of the word, ‘Nigger(s)’, no matter its spelling, whether it is used by a white person or a Black person, no matter in what context, or in what-so-ever tone of voice, translates into the following statement: ‘Consciously or subconsciously’, I am helping to maintain the local, national, global system of Racism White-Supremacy.” –Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

    To those who claim this word is written in our ancient, indigenous, Nile Valley Afrikan language of MDW NTR (Hieroglyphs), I ask this question. Can you provide the name of the particular Temple, Tomb, or Papyri this term is written on? Or can you provide the name of any ethnic group, on either side of what is now known as the Niger river, from the top of it to the bottom of it, who refers to themselves by that term? MDW NTR is a purely indigenous Afrikan language. It is not an Afro-Asiatic (Semitic) language at all. So, any attempt to equate MDW NTR with any Semitic language is disingenuous, at best, and dishonest, at worst. You cannot use an Afro-Asiatic (Semitic) language such as Hebrew or Arabic, any other Afro-Asiatic language, which developed outside of Afrikato decipher and/or rationalize the explanation of MDW NTR, which developed inside of Afrika at all. This language is still spoken by both the Coptic Kemetu (Egyptians) in Cairo and other parts of Lower Kemet, as well as the Kemetu-Nubians, in Lower and Upper Kemet (Egypt). You can actually still hear the language being spoken if you choose to go to Kemet. So, what is being asserted by those who want to hold onto the ‘N’ word and continue to use it, such a stance cannot be sustained by any evidence whatsoever.

    Some are now trying to claim the term Negus is the same as the ‘N’ word. They aren’t the same, and don’t mean the same thing, nor do they have the same origin at all. The term Negus is from the Amharic (Ethiopian) language and means King. The ‘N’ word is not the same at all, nor does it the same origin as the term Negus, and it doesn’t mean the same as Negus either.And, if you want to use the term Negus (King), by all means, please use it. It is quite a befitting title to refer to yourselves as. But keep this in mind. Your behavior must match the title of Negus and what it means to be a King. But please stop making up words or rationalizing the use of the ‘N’ word; a term that wasn’t created by us or our ancient indigenous Afrikan Ancestors. Such a term doesn’t come from any our own indigenous languages at all.

    Now, despite the best efforts of Etymologists and Linguists, the ancient language of The Indus-Kush Valley Harrapan Civilization of Mohenjo-Daro has not been deciphered yet. Some have claimed, incorrectly, that the term Naga is the etymological origin of the ‘N’ word and that the term Naga originated in the Harrapan Civilization. Unless you can decipher the language of the Harrapan Civilization, you cannot provide any evidence that the term Naga originated in the Harrapan civilization. And Naga is not an Afrikan word either. Naga is a Sanskrit term. And Sanskrit is an Indo-European language. So, there is no way for anyone to draw the conclusion that Naga is an Afrikan word, nor factually justify its use by us either.

    Sanskrit is a standardized dialect of Old Indo-Aryan, having originated in the second millennium BCE as Vedic Sanskrit and tracing its linguistic ancestry back to Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Indo-European.[10] As the oldest Indo-European language for which substantial written documentation exists, Sanskrit holds a prominent position in Indo-European studies.[11] The body of Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific, technical, philosophical and religious texts. The compositions of Sanskrit were orally transmitted for much of its early history by methods of memorization of exceptional complexity, rigor, and fidelity.[12][13] Thereafter, variants and derivatives of the Brahmi script came to be used.

    Sanskrit is normally written in the Devanagari script but other scripts continue to be used.[4] It is today one of the 22 languages listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India, which mandates the Indian government to develop the language. It continues to be widely used as a ceremonial language in Hindu religious rituals and Buddhist practice in the form of hymns and chants.

    Here’s another question for you. Can you provide the correct timeline for MDW NTR, Negus and the ‘N’ word? What were/are the sentiments of each group of people when using each term? And, why would our Afrikan Ancestors be offended by the ‘N’ word, which was regularly used against them by our mortal enemies–Caucasians, if they had always used it regularly as ’a term of endearment’ on the continent of Afrika, before our enslavement by either Arabs or Caucasians?

    Here are the facts about the term Niger, from which the term Nigger/Nigga evolved from and its origin.

    The ‘N’ word derived from the bastardized term, Niger.
    “It was initially named for the river Niger and mentioned by that name in 1520s (Leo Africanus), and is an alteration (by the influence of Latin niger “black”) of a local Tuareg name, egereou n-igereouen, from egereou “big river, sea” + n-igereouen, plural of that word. Translated in Arabic as nahr al-anhur “river of rivers.

    We are the only race of people who disrespect itself, dishonors, and disrespects our Ancestors. We, therefore, dishonor and disrespect ourselves without even realizing it. As a consequence, we have now incurred the wrath of our Ancestors. We seem to forget that we are our Ancestors and they are us. For we would not exist were it not for them. We are our Ancestors and they are us.

    I my people and only want what I know is the best for them. It is why I demand the best from myself and try as best I can to exemplify it in all that I do. And it is why I demand the best from them, as well. I know they have the best in them.

    We must have standards of correct behavior if we are ever to elevate ourselves out of this madness of Caucasian oppression and dominance. When you know better you do better. We must be the example of all we say we stand for. Let us all try and do better. Let us be the best we can be. I know it’s in all of us. Let us keep this uppermost in our minds, there wasn’t any ‘N’s on those ships that contained kidnapped Afrikans. There were Ashantis, Akan, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Ewes, Mandinka, Mande, Wolof, Fulani, etc. on those ships. Those are our Ancestors. But there was no N’s on those ships. We were not an ‘N’ then. We are not an ‘N’ now. And we’ve never been an ‘N’ either. We are an Afrikan people. Let us display ‘Iwa: A Warrior’s Character’.

    Abibitumi!!! (Twi for Black Power)

    Abibifahodie!!! (Twi for Black Liberation)


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