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The Psychology of Being Afrikan-Centered and What That Really Means


  • The Psychology of Being Afrikan-Centered and What That Really Means

    Now that some of us are claiming to have begun to study Afrikan-Centered information, when will we, as individuals begin to look at ourselves, study ourselves, and our own mentality and behavior? When are we, as individuals, going to own our ‘sh**’. If we are being honest, we must look at the ‘person in the mirror’. First of all, we must study the self. Many of us go around, after watching a few ‘youtube’ videos and all of a sudden we know everything. Many of us haven’t picked up one book by any of our Afrikan-Centered scholars. We get snippets of information from youtube, much of it incorrect; particularly when we listen to dudes whose behavior and character is suspect and highly questionable. Our ancient indigenous Nile Valley Afrikan Ancestor, Imhotep, told us “Man know thy self”. How many of us truly know ourselves and our flaws? How many of us admit to ourselves our flaws and are honestly working on them to correct them? This is why the study of Ma’at, Ifa, and other indigenous Afrikan spiritual systems, what they actually are, and the application of those indigenous Afrikan spiritual systems to our own lives and behavior is so critically important.

    It is behavior that we as individuals need to look at the most. Our behavior must reflect all that we say we know. In addition to the push for the Afrikan-Centered study and knowledge of Economics, Academia, History, Political Science, other sciences, Arts and Entertainment, Technology, Current Events, and Indigenous Afrikan Spiritual systems, etc., there must be a serious push for the study of Afrikan-Centered Psychology. All of these pillars are important to the total Freedom, Liberation, and Sovereignty of us, as a race of people. And people need to stop picking one of these pillars as a means of denigrating any of the others. They are all important and none is more important than the other. However, many of these new, so-called ‘conscious’ people are ignoring what is the most important pillar of all and that is the study of the mind, and the psychological effects of the system of Racism white-Supremacy in its influence on our own character and behavior. If you try to apply all of the other pillars I alluded to above, but exclude psychology, you will ultimately fail in all you do. Because there is a psychology to use of all of those things. If we want ‘Unity’ or what I prefer to classify as ‘Collectivity of Thought and Action’, we must be honest and start looking at the self.

    We, as a race of people, do not understand the‘Weaponized Subliminal Seduction’ and ‘Propaganda’ and how it is used by our mortal enemies against us, in all areas of people activity, to influence our behavior and shape our character, each and every day. This is why we have individuals out here supposedly representing what it is to be ‘conscious’ while exemplifying the most debased behaviors imaginable. They try to rationalize all of the most debased behaviors that we must stop participating in if we are ever to honestly do the work that must be done. So, let us for once be honest and look at the self. Our individual behavior must match our words. What each of us knows must not only be reflected in our words, but it must also be reflected in our character and our behavior. Otherwise, why study all of these pillars at all? The question each of us should be asking ourselves is this: Why do I want to know this powerful information? The first answer should be so this power information can transform me from what I was to what I can and should be—a better human being. If you are still acting the like you were acting before you became ‘conscious’, you are just wasting your time. Most importantly, you are no better than those among our people who are still ignorant of this powerful information. So, I’ll leave you with the wise words of our great Ancestor, “Man know thy self”.

    Sources for self-reflection

    (1) “The Isis Papers”, by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

    (2) “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing”, by Dr. Joyce DeGruy

    (3) “The 42 Principles of Ma’at”

    (4) “Centered”,
    (5) “Iwa: A Warrior’s Character”, both by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

    (6) “The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept”, by Neely Fuller

    (7) “Black on Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in the Service of White Domination”, by Dr. Amos Wilson

    (8) “The Psychopathic Racial Personality and Other Essays”, by Dr. Bobby Wright


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      People watching videos on YouTube is not a bad thing. We live in a digital world, you just have to use your intuition on whom you are watching. Videos can be a helpful resource to guide you where you can start your search. Watching videos is where I found out about the book, They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and the Teachings of Ptahhotep The Oldest Book in the World. Everybody have there own path and videos can help.
      Ankh Udja Sneb
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