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Great Rising family and to our Newest Members.

The issues with uploading pictures on the mobile phone will be fixed.

We truly appreciate your support and patience.

if you have a laptop or desktop you can upload your pictures from there.

And also the friends list it's being repaired on the mobile as well.

We truly appreciate your patience

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Integration was the ABSOLUTE worst thing that black has done

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  • Integration was the ABSOLUTE worst thing that black has done

    Integration was the ABSOLUTE worst thing that black has done to ourselves! The coldest part about it is that it seems as if it is too late to turn back now. Any attempt at black segregation by any black faction will be labeled terrorists and/or enemies of the state. Follwed by an immediate propaganda filled media blitz to destroy the character of the movement in the eyes of the public & congressional leaders, in efforts to rally support for the factions demise.
    Our biggest p
    roblem we face as a ppl is the fact that we not only help them inflict their propaganda upon us, in many cases we create it! Truth be told it's this type of behavior that placed us in slavery!
    Every ethnic group has its own divisions. However our divisions are more easily exploited than others due to our selfish willingness to do so. We openly seek the opportunity to tear eachother down for nothing more than a paycheck or a quick come up and in most cases for FREE out of spite, envy or deceit! WTF is wrong wit yall? WTF IS WRONG WITH US? This has got to STOP!
    U want to live a better life? Stop spewing the hate that has been thrust on you! Engage your ppl in LOVE. Have a problem speak to them directly in effort to understand. If someone approaches you with an issue be humble & patient enough to effectively articulate your position. Our internal conflict should NEVER reach the public forum! If you were as concerned with tearing down the ppl that have you enslaved as you are with tearing down the brothas & sistas freeing themselves, YOU probrably wouldn't be one! Problem is ppl that think like this don't think they are!