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Great Rising family and to our Newest Members.

The issues with uploading pictures on the mobile phone will be fixed.

We truly appreciate your support and patience.

if you have a laptop or desktop you can upload your pictures from there.

And also the friends list it's being repaired on the mobile as well.

We truly appreciate your patience

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If our ancestors could see us now what would they say?

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  • If our ancestors could see us now what would they say?

    We have all of these so called freedoms that they didn't have, but yet we are doing nothing with it we don't use group economics, we don't come together collectively united against our enemies.

    We have all this information that they didn't have but yet we do not have knowledge of self nor do we teach our children. The list goes on and people.

    My people's what do you seriously think our ancestors would say? Better yet will you do to make them proud and make it better for your descendants NEVER FORGET! NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! ~M~

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    Eye for one will NEVER FORGET, and eye teach my children the same.

    If ourstory is ever forgotten, it is bound to happen again, and all our collective sacrifices would have been in vain. There is nothing new under the sun, it only appears to be 'new', if one has no knowledge of it.



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      I believe they can see us, but i think they'd tell us 2 Unite


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        They are saying we are not doing as bad as we think we are, but there's always room for improvement, especially in the area of how we treat each other.