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    Ancient Egypt is a sensitive topic because we, as a Holocausted people, have to see ourselves as being capable of greatness. But let us also pause and understand something about Ancient Egypt. Claiming ancient Empires that never claimed you is problematic. So swallow this pill and understand the point. There is no direct genetic relationship between most of us (esp the Diaspora, West, Central, and Southern Africa) and Ancient Egypt, or even Ancient Ethiopia. It is all political. And you need to understand that. "Looking like us" is political. And to make this point complete, All of Western Europe stands on the legacy of Greco-Roman accomplishments, they claim it as part of their civilization. Without having direct genetic claim to the past.

    The Founding fathers of America attached themselves to the Roman democracy as a continuation of their legacy. Everyone does this, especially the Jews who claimed to be the Ancient Biblical Hebrews—yet are totally different people. Napoleon said he had Roman blood to embody the greatness of Rome. No shame in that. The only shame is when you attach yourself to legacy and do nothing else. So Ancient Egypt is ours when we decide to embody their greatness—not just putting a dark skin man with locks in Pharaonic dress on a Facebook page—And nothing else.

    And even if was a blood relationship, as in Sudan and Southern Egypt what of it? You still have to embody what made them great if you are truly "of them." It is like being the child of Malcolm X or Bob Marley, so what? If you do not live in their legacy.