Mobile Phone Issue.

Great Rising family and to our Newest Members.

The issues with uploading pictures on the mobile phone will be fixed.

We truly appreciate your support and patience.

if you have a laptop or desktop you can upload your pictures from there.

And also the friends list it's being repaired on the mobile as well.

We truly appreciate your patience

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Afrakan Brothers and Unified thought and Direction

Let us not be our worst enemy!

We're all we've got. This shirt is the embodiment of that sentiment.

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ABIBITUMI DESIGNS: Web and Graphic Design

If you need Web and Graphic Design go to this website.

Black owned and operated.

ABIBITUMI DESIGNS: Hosting and Domain Names

If you need design and hosting go to this website.


Rebuilding/Re-uniting Our Online Afrakan Community

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  • Rebuilding/Re-uniting Our Online Afrakan Community


    To empower & enrich one person @ a time by providing daily educational, social,economic, and cultural programs based upon a desire to embrace, adopt, connect, & practice the seven (7) afrakan principles of unity and daily living (Nguzo Saba).

    This is a night that we look for people of Afrakan descent to come out and support with their time and energy.

    We also looking to unify and less put Revolution back on the agenda and changing our condition as a lost people here in North America.

    So come out family. Its Community, Nation, and Unity time. So let's start our process of healing on this night which we call Rebuilding/Re-uniting Our Afrakan Community!

    So please bring your webcam and mics and let's share our energy and thoughts and let's make a change in our Black Community. This event will take place in our Sankofa Chat room.

    Ma'at Hetep.
    03-03-2017 07:30 PM
    Nubian Chat/ Sankofa Room