Mobile Phone Issue.

Great Rising family and to our Newest Members.

The issues with uploading pictures on the mobile phone will be fixed.

We truly appreciate your support and patience.

if you have a laptop or desktop you can upload your pictures from there.

And also the friends list it's being repaired on the mobile as well.

We truly appreciate your patience

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Afrakan proclaimation

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  • Afrakan proclaimation

    I do hereby devote my life to the restoration and reclaimation of our Afrakan Reality on a world wide basis.

    I understand that my Afrakan brothers and sisters are an extension of myself even if they do not know it.

    I do hereby promise to the best of my ability to wake up, teach and bind myself with those who seek to uplift us, past, present and future.

    I do hereby devote my life to being the best Afrakan example that I can to myself, my family and our people wherever we may be.

    I do hereby devote my life to the growth and goodwill of our people on a national and international level that benefits us as a whole.

    I do hereby promise to abstain from language and thoughts that demean or denigrate us as a people.

    I do hereby promise to protect and build our people whenever and wherever I can without harm to myself or them when possible.

    I do hereby promise to never give up on us as a people, for with each death a new seed is born waiting to be nurtured by us.

    I do hereby promise to contribute to the educational, cultural, historical and spiritual foundation of our reality.

    I do hereby promise to recognize our cultural diversity and right to embrace it as long as it does not harm the collective of our people.

    I do hereby recognize that our homeland and people are our first priority above all other people and nations.

    I do hereby promise to aid in the building of an online or offline structure dedicated exclusively for, to and with our people.

    I do hereby recognize that I am incomplete without the other half of our existence or the children which make our future.

    I do hereby seek to align myself with the spiritual reality of many names that makes us who we are.

    By Keita Otiba Kenyatta

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    I do hereby pledge my allegiance to this pledge. ABIBIFAHODIE!!!


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      I hereby pledge my allegiance to this pledge